Synthetic Food-Grade COmpressor Fluids

COMPRESYN® Fluids by JAX is a new series of synthetic compressor fluids blended with innovative patented and patent-pending formulations for the food, drug, cosmetic and beverage manufacturing and packaging industries.

The Compresyn® Advantage

The Compresyn® line provides equal or superior performance to comparable industrial-grade compressor and vacuum pump oils. For plants that require superior food-grade lubricants throughout, Compresyn is the ideal solution.

  • Synthetic-Based Oil to Reduce Maintenance Time
  • Food-Grade for Plant-Wide Compliance
  • Superior Performance
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Downstream Oil Safety Advantage

Our Food-Grade Products

COMPRESYN® 250 Series Fluids

AN-Petroleum Blend

‍• Lowest overall operating cost

• Recommended for high contamination and water ingression compressors

• Utilized in compressor and vacuum pump applications

• Drain Intervals of over 2,500 hours in properly maintained equipment

COMPRESYN® 405 Series Fluids

100% Synthetic

PAO-Ester Blend

• High performance replacement for PAO based compressor fluids

• Cost effective solution for high contamination areas

• Drain intervals of over 4,000 hours in properly maintained equipment

COMPRESYN® 545 Series Fluids

100% Synthetic

AN-PAO-POE Tri-Synthetic Blend

• Innovative patented technology

• Excellent thermal and oxidative stability

• Ideal for optimal compressor and vacuum pump operation

• Drain intervals of over 8,000 hours in properly maintained equipment


100% Synthetic


• Superior performance replacement for Sullube 32 and Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant (or other PAG/Ester based fluids)

• Keeps varnish and depositing to a minimum

• Drain intervals of over 8,000 hours in properly maintained equipment

COMPRESYN® FG Flushing Fluids

Ester Based

• Provides superior cleaning and detergency inside the compressor

• Designed to remove deposits and clean varnish

• Ideal for use in flushing new compressors and vacuum pumps


Petroleum-AN Blend

• Naphthenic-compatible Food-Grade ammonia refrigeration compressor oil

• Performs well under harsh refrigeration compressor environments

• Greatly enhanced thermal stability for long drain performance

Product Comparison Chart

Compresyn Food-Grade Product Comparison Chart

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